Kasel Rocks specializes in every aspect of landscape design making us the only company you need to deal with in the Lehigh Valley. From building your landscape to keeping it beautiful for years to come, we pride ourselves on our exceptional services.Since we do everything from landscape design/build to maintenance, we feel this gives us an opportunity to really get to know and help our clients on a more personal level. Based out of Allentown, we provide our services to homeowners throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Landscape Services

Here are some more detailed descriptions of our Landscape Services:


Our professional and educated landscaping crew consist of some of the finest landscape designers in the industry. We can take your ideas and concepts and make them into a reality. The creativity of our professional team means they work with you to build a landscape around your wants and needs, or we can start from a blank slate.

Our landscape designers in Allentown, PA build relationships with our customers and they are the point of contact throughout your entire project. We feel this allows our staff to treat our customers more like friends than customers. We also offer our design services for do it yourself projects. If you want to build your own landscaping ideas and don’t know where to start, Kasel Rocks will develop detailed, creative landscape designs and give you detailed installation drawings, allowing you to install a professional grade landscape yourself.

For more information on our landscaping services call our office in Allentown, PA at 610-395-6409 or click the contact us button.


Our landscaping installation crews work hand in hand with the designers. After your design is complete the designer sits down with the project manager and foreman and goes over in detail how the project must be built. The next step is getting your landscape in the ground. Our installation crews are run by educated and certified forepersons, and chosen based on your landscape.

Our training and efficiency ensure you the highest quality landscape in a reasonable amount of time. Throughout the installation process, your landscape will be inspected every day by the designer. This makes sure your landscape is constructed flawlessly.


A lot of people think of trimming hedges and cutting grass as landscaping services maintenance. Although these are part of the maintenance process they are merely a small piece of what is involved with maintenance. When any plant, whether it be a shrub, tree, or even an herbaceous plant, is improperly pruned it will lose health and structure and create a less appealing look in your landscape.

Kasel Rocks lawn maintenance crews are educated and certified in the proper pruning methods for any of your plant material. Part of maintenance is also monitoring soil fertilization and compaction characteristics. All plant material has certain conditions they will grow best in, and our staff is knowledgeable on these conditions and will ensure your plants are growing in the ideal sub environment and climate.


Hardscaping is a term used to describe the area of the industry that deals with pavers, segmental retaining walls, concrete, and masonry projects. Our Hardscape crews in Allentown, PA install paver driveways, walkways, patios, segmental retaining walls, stamped concrete, and boulder projects. Any crew installing pavers or segmental retaining walls is led by an ICPI certified installer as the foreperson.

Snow Removal Service

Our snow removal crews work with you quickly and efficiently. Our well trained staff ensures that we will meet any of your snow removal needs. Throughout the snow removal process, it will be inspected to make sure your snow removal is done right.


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