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A lot of people think of trimming hedges, yard cleaning services, and cutting grass as landscape maintenance. Although these are part of the maintenance process they are merely a small piece of what is actually involved with maintenance. Any plant, whether it be a shrub, tree, or even an herbaceous plant, can receive improper pruning. If this happens, it will lose health and structure. Additionally, it will create a less appealing landscape.

Kasel Rocks lawn maintenance crews are educated and certified in the proper pruning methods. Part of lawn maintenance is also monitoring soil fertilization and compaction characteristics. All plant material has certain conditions they will grow best in. However, our staff is knowledgeable on these conditions and will ensure that your plants are growing in each of their ideal sub environments. So, rest well knowing that our staff will create the perfect setting for all of your plants to thrive in.

For more info on our custom landscape maintenance contracts and packages call our office in Allentown, PA at 610-395-6409 or click the contact us button. Likewise, feel free to send us an email with any questions that you may have for us.

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Joe C.

Scott and his team do an excellent job! I've personally used them on several occasions and my yard was definitely the better for it!

Greg C.

Scott and his team are nothing short of EXCELLENT! We hired them late last summer to install a paver patio and they over delivered on every promise!

Julie G.

We honestly can not say enough positive things about their company, their employees and their work.